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  • SEO Process

    Here are some basics about search engine optimization.

    On-Page SEO


    On-page SEO involves making sure each page on your website has a unique title tag, meta description, and H1 tag. Make sure each element includes your terget keyword. Do not spam your keywords and don't keyword stuff.



    Backlinks are other websites that link to your website. For example, the clickable link here is about helpful SEO tools. Backlinks are like a vote for your website. The more quality votes you get, the higher you can rank in Google results.

    Site Speed


    You need to make sure your website loads as fast as possible. You can use plugins and other tools. Also, make sure you are using a reputable hosting company that can offer fast loading speeds.



    Make sure you are utilizing tools like Google Analytics and Search Console. These free tools can provide very helpful information about your site. Then you can use the collected data to make updates to your site.



    While social media shares might not be the most important factor when it come to ranking in Google, you will still want to promote your brand on social media. It is a way to increase traffic to your site if people are visiting from social media links.

  • About the Author

    I have been involved in the SEO industry since 2014 and have worked with thousands of clients and websites.


    Search engine optimization is a difficult process to learn. Just stick with it, do your own testing, and you will succeed. Sometimes, if you don't have a lot of competition, doing the basics listed here can help.